Monday, 14 September 2009

Actual / Represented / Space / Place

Selection of works reflecting on the aesthetic, personal and social properties of space.

Blight (John Smith)
(1994-96) 14 mins, 16mm & video, colour, sound.

Blight was made in collaboration with the composer Jocelyn Pook. It revolves around the building of the M11 Link Road in East London, which provoked a long and bitter campaign by local residents to protect their homes from demolition. The images in the film record some of the changes which occurred in the area over a two-year period, from the demolition of houses through to the start of motorway building work. The soundtrack incorporates natural sounds associated with these events together with speech fragments taken from recorded conversations with local people.

source : John Smith

Non-Places (Karen Mirza / Brad Butler)
16mm b/w, sound dur: 15 mins

This film is concerned with those 'non places' that have become unalterably connected to an individual’s personal memory, a personal memory that when shared, will change the collective perception of that 'non place'. Put another way, this film is concerned with those 'non places' that trigger a memory causing the past, present and future to collide into a collapsed sense of time and space.

non places from mirza - butler on Vimeo.

Block (Emily Richardson)
16mm, 12 minutes, 2005

Day through night BLOCK is a portrait of a 1960’s London tower block, it’s interior and exterior spaces explored and revealed, patterns of activity building a rhythm and viewing experience not dissimilar from the daily observations of the security guard sat watching the flickering screens with their fixed viewpoints and missing pieces of action.Block was made over a period of 10 month period in a tower block in south east London from 2004 –05. The film is a portrait of the place that came out of much time spent there.

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