Thursday, 23 June 2011

Polytechnic (Raven Row Gallery)

Notes from the BFI Review, the exhibition catalogue and others.

Yet a sort of personable humour is here in abundance. One of the best examples is John Adams’s Sensible Shoes (1983). It’s a love story as told by an amnesiac spectator. On the soundtrack, we hear a woman ad-libbing a narrative based on sequences of trashy daytime television, cop shows, and adverts for such wonderfully demod√© brands as Interflora and Quantro. Our narrator is continuously distracted, and shuns the real world, as if entranced by the gloss and glamour of television itself.

Script inspired from crossword puzzle in 'Sensible Shoes' by John Adams.
(a claustrophobic and enclosed space)

Marc Camille Chaimowicz :
They flicker between the indexes of fine art and decorative arts, shifting our understanding of the space in which we experience them, which oscillates between the aesthetic, the domestic and the dramatic.

Other works here had a unashamed grace and beauty. Marc Camille Chamowicz’s dandyish installation Here and There (1978) is a series of boards featuring filmic images that could have come straight from a Louis Malle or Jean Eustache movie – a man broodily smoking in an elegantly bohemian-minimal apartment, snapshots of phone calls being made, typewriters abandoned.

Interchangeability : Catherine Elwes, Kensington Gore. fantasy and fiction.

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